Woodside Community Association

We are part of Bellingham's beautiful Barkley Neighborhood

Neighborhood News and Events


Easter Egg Hunt
Summer Event
Santa/Firefighters Visit
Ice Cream Social


Annual Scout Tree Pick Up
January 9th 2021
Place tree at the curb the night before.
Donations can be sent to:
Attn: BSA Troop3
c/o Brian Lydiard
8071 Guide Meridian Rd. #104
Lynden, WA 98264
Current restrictions require limited contact, please mail donations. Thank you!
Donations not required

Photo Gallery

Our beautiful neighborhood sign

Neighborhood Santa Food/Toy Drive

It's common to see this amazing wildlife in our neighborhood!

Overhead view of the neighborhood

Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Woodside Neighborhood

Homeowners association's governing documents.

To access the document in PDF format click on the bottom of the picture.

Neighborhood Covenants

Neighborhoods with covenants and standards tend to be safer, look better, maintain better relationships with local governments, and better retain or increase the investments that homeowners have made in their properties.

Woodside Community Association Bylaws

 These Bylaws establish and protect the rights, and specify the duties and responsibilities of our organization's members. 

HOA Meeting Minutes

WCA Annual Meeting Minutes

Amended Bylaws

These Bylaws were amended June 2nd 1999